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Dental Implants Belmont

There are times when you lose a tooth or teeth due to an accident, injury, or disease. When this happens you may wonder how you are going to get your beautiful smile back and dental implants are an ideal and realistic replacement for the teeth you have lost as well as helping with your oral health.

What is an implant you might ask? It is a synthetic tooth root which is in the shape of a post, this is then surgically placed in the jawbone. Titanium is usually used to make the “root” (titanium is the material which is used to make replacement hips and knees). The replacement synthetic tooth is then fixed onto the post. If you have a permanent tooth attached they are more stable and feel just like a real tooth.

An ideal patient would be a non-smoker who has good oral health, a sufficient amount of bone in the jaw, has healthy gums and no sign of gum disease but it is recommended that you consult your Belmont dentist to see if implants are a suitable solution for you.

You have the option of doing a single implant or multiple implants, it just depends on how many teeth you are missing. If you have lost all of your teeth then a full bridge can be permanently fixed into your mouth with a planned number of implants.

If you have dentures or bridges you know how unstable they can be which can make it difficult to eat or even smile with confidence. Implants have a stronger biting force and last a lifetime whereas bridges only last around seven to ten years.

Advantages of Implants

  • Improved appearance
    Since they will feel like your own teeth, they will help improve your self-esteem and you will be more apt to smile more.
  • Improved speech
    If you have poor fitting dentures they can slip making it difficult for you to speak properly.
  • Easier to eat
    Dentures tend to make chewing difficult.
  • Durable
    As long as you take good care of them they will last a lifetime

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